What are the main features of epe foam net machine products?

When we buy fruits, we often see apples, pears and other fruits, which are covered with a layer of mesh foam coat. This fruit netting machine netting has a protective effect on the fruit. Generally speaking, the concentrated production of fruit netting machine The months are concentrated from July to October; especially to the end of September, when all kinds of apples are on the market, the production is relatively light in other months. The commonly used physical foaming agents for netting machines include air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbons. Compounds, freons, etc.; chemical blowing agents are substances that can release gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide when heated, and the blowing agents should have good dispersibility in plastics.
When the large piston cannot be reset normally due to an emergency stop, reset the large piston according to the operating procedures. The manufacturer of the netting machine pointed out that the pineapple netting machine manufacturer does not allow the use of high-temperature fire to cause the local temperature of the gun body to be too high. In the state of adjustment or standby, always pay attention to set the mode to cycle mode to prevent the waste of raw materials and damage to the equipment caused by others not moving.
The gun head is a key part of the equipment. It is not allowed to use heavy objects to bludgeon and scratch with sharp tools such as blades to damage the gun head. The manufacturer of the plastic machinery factory of the net cover machine recommends that the pressure is reduced during regular inspection or maintenance to avoid occurrence Danger.
The net sleeve head of the epe foam net machine is composed of an alloy steel inner sleeve and a carbon steel outer sleeve, and a forming mold is installed in the machine head. The function of the mesh sleeve head is to transform the rotating plastic melt into parallel linear motion, uniformly and smoothly introduce it into the mold sleeve, and give the plastic the necessary molding pressure. The plastic is plasticized and compacted in the barrel, and flows into the molding die of the die through the neck of the die through the porous filter plate along a certain flow path. The die core and die sleeve are properly matched to form an annular gap with a decreasing cross-section, so that the plastic melt is in A continuous and dense tubular coating is formed around the core wire.

Post time: Apr-30-2021
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